CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA is a “subscription” to a farm to receive a weekly box of produce. It’s a way to support your local farms and eat healthy all summer. The farmers markets of Chelsea, Grass Lake, Manchester, Stockbridge, and Dexter have produced a directory of the CSAs in our area. Members will have access to weekly boxes of fresh, locally produced food, and many CSAs offer pickup at your local farmers market. If you are a farmer and want to join our CSA directory, sign up here.

Brines Farm

Farmer: Shannon Brines

Contact: shannon@brines.net, 734-926-5463

Products: vegetables

Months offered: Winter CSA November through April

Pickup locations: Ann Arbor Farmers Market, On Farm

On Farm pickup address: 6384 Walsh Rd, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189 (but in Dexter school district)

Website or fb page: Brines.net

Description: Typically contains: fresh greens from field & hoophouses and storage crops including garlic, root vegetables, winter squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes, dry beans, etc. Full shares only (some members only pickup half by alternating weeks). $29-$31 per week depending on when reserved.

Clover Blossom Farm Co-op CSA

Farmer: Bonnie Martin

Contact: Itagisse67@att.net, (734) 445-8915

Products: vegetables, meat, dairy, honey

Months offered: 21 weeks, June thru October

Pickup locations: On Farm

On Farm pickup address: 8780 Moeckel Road, Grass Lake, MI

Website or fb page: facebook.com/CloverBlossomFarmCoOp

Description: We use organic and biodynamic farming methods. $420 for full share, $250 for biweekly share. Pick up at Stella Matutina Farm Friday 4 to 7 or Saturday 9 to noon

Community Farm of Ann Arbor

Farmer: Paul Bantle and Annie Elder

Contact: pbantleom@gmail.com, (734) 433-0261

Products: vegetables, fruit

Months offered: 8 months; May to November

Pickup locations: On Farm

On Farm pickup address: 1525 S. Fletcher Rd., Chelsea, MI 48118

Website or fb page: communityfarmofaa.org

Description: half and full share; price range on sliding scale is $500-2,000 once a month share; $300 Biodynamic Farm established as a CSA in 1988

Dream Farm

Farmer: Anna Loveland

Contact: midreamfarm@gmail.com, (630) 995-5267

Products: vegetables, fruit, salves, and balms

Months offered: June – September

Pickup locations: On farm, delivery available for fee

On Farm pickup address: 915 S Union St, Grass Lake, MI 49240

Website or fb page: facebook.com/midreamfarm

Description: We offer vegetables and fruits grown using organic methods. Only Non-GMO seeds. We offer weekly payment $25, to Full Season $375. Our weekly bag is suitable for a family of 4.

Firesign Family Farm

Farmer: Ruth Ehman

Contact: ruthehman@live.com, (734) 449-0247

Products: meat, dairy, Raw goat and Jersey cow milk and pastured beef, lamb, pork, broiler chicken and turkey

Months offered: Year around

Pickup locations: On farm

On Farm pickup address: 7500 Trotters Lane, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

Website or fb page: www.firesignfamilyfarm.comfacebook/firesignfamilyfarm

Description: Tailored to personal consumption needs with seasonal dairy contracts per Michigan raw milk laws and meat sold bulk by contract for seasonal slaughter.

Frog Hollar Farms

Farmer: Judy Jackson

Contact: judyjackson521@gmail.com, (734) 428-7332

Products: vegetables, fruit, jarred goods

Months offered: June 1st- Oct. 20

Pickup locations: Grass Lake Farmers Market, Chelsea Farmers Market, Manchester Farmers Market, Walker Tavern in Adrian

On Farm pickup address: NA

Website or fb page: www.froghollarfarms.com

Description: Single share=235.00 through full share=405.00

Goetz Greenhouse and Family Farm

Farmer: Sally Goetz

Contact: salgoetz@gmail.com, (734) 735-3874

Products: vegetables, fruit

Months offered: 5 months, June-October

Pickup locations: Chelsea Farmers Market, Ann Arbor, Monroe, Farmington and Sylvania Ohio, On farm

On Farm pickup address: 8852 Goetz Road, Riga, MI 49276

Website or fb page: www.sites.google.com/site/goetzgreenhouse

Description: Our CSA has weekly and bi-weekly half bushel shares of healthy, naturally produced vegetables and melons from June thru October. Price range is $210.00 for Bi-weekly and $370.00 for weekly shares. Discount available for sign ups paid in full by May 1st.

Honest Eats Farm

Farmer: Bill Bass

Contact: Bill@honesteatsfarm.com, (734) 678-7130

Products: vegetables

Months offered: 20 weeks. Thursdays. 7/6 – 11/16

Pickup locations: On farm, We deliver to homes or offices on Thursdays

On Farm pickup address: 2980 Baseline Rd, Stockbridge, MI 49285

Website or fb page: Honesteatsfarm.com | facebook.com/honesteatsfarm

Description: 5-7 different items each week. Amounts are between 1 and 2 shopping bags each week. Cost with delivery is $600. Cost with on farm pick up is $550.

Jacobs Fresh Farm Shares

Farmer: Jacob D’Lamater

Contact: Jacobdlamater@gmail.com, (517) 250-1222

Products: Vegetables, eggs, honey

Months offered: May – September

Pickup locations: Chelsea Bushel Basket Market (Wednesdays), On Farm

On Farm pickup address: 19560 Waterloo Rd Chelsea MI

Website or fb page: facebook.com/Jacobsfreshfarm

Description: Pretty flexible. I’m small enough I can cater to individual needs. Price ranger varies from week to week to all summer. Usually $30 a week

Kapnick Orchards

Farmer: Scott Robertello

Contact: kapnicks@tc3net.com

Products: mostly fruit, some vegetables

Months offered:  1st week of June – last week of October

Pickup locations: Chelsea Farmers Market Wednesdays and Saturdays, Ann Arbor Market, Farmington Market, Saline Mkt, Northville Market, Canton, Pittsfield Market

On Farm pickup address: 4245 Rogers Hwy., Britton, MI 49229

Website or fb page: kapnickorchards.com

Description: We offer 2 size CSA’s. Our large has a $532 retail value. Early discount by 4/1/17 is $450 and $475 by 6/4/17. Our small share has a $287 retail value. Early discount by 4/1/17 is $250 and $275 by 6/4/17. Each share has a great selection of fruit and a small amount of vegetables. Each share runs 21 consecutive weeks, we have many pick up locations to choose from. We are a strict Integrated Pest Management Farm. We do not spray on a weekly basis. We scout and monitor our pest pressure and only spray when there will be significant damage to our crops.

Lake Divide Farm

Farmer: Helen Chandler

Contact: helen@lakedividefarm.com

Products: vegetables, fruit, cut flowers, herbs

Months offered: All year round!

Pickup locations: Dexter Farmers Market (Saturdays)

On Farm pickup address: NA

Website or fb page: www.lakedividefarm.com

Description: We offer a declining balance model CSA. Members open an account with the farm by prepaying. For their commitment to the farm, they receive a bonus proportional to their prepayment, which is added to their balance. (See below for detailed options). This account is then used throughout the season to purchase produce at and of the farmers’ markets we attend. There are five starting balance options: Prepay $200, receive a 6% bonus and start with $212 Prepay $250, receive an 8% bonus and start with $270 Prepay $300, receive a 10% bonus and start with $330 Prepay $350, receive a 12% bonus and start with $392 Prepay $400, receive a 14% bonus and start with $456

Michigan Farm to Family

Farmer: Bill Taylor

Contact: bill@eatlocaleatnatural.com, (734) 476-6285

Products: Pastured Beef, Pork, Lamb, Dairy, Eggs,

Months offered: 12 months

Pickup locations: All 5 Healthy Towns Farmers Markets, on-site

On Farm pickup address: 119 Jackson Industrial Dr., Ann Arbor Mi 48103

Website or fb page: michiganfarmtofamily.com

Description: You select the items you want on the website. Organic, Grass Fed GMO-Free Proteins.

Noka Homestead

Farmer: Noelle Dronen

Contact: nokahomestead@gmail.com, (865) 712-0274

Products: vegetables, fruit

Months offered: June – October

Pickup locations: On farm

On Farm pickup address: Roepke Rd, 10 minutes North of Chelsea

Website or fb page: nokahomestead.com

Description: We are a small-scale CSA featuring (non-certified) organic produce. We offer 2 sizes – a Beginners Share ($400) and a Veggie Lover’s share ($550) – and an optional add-on Homesteader’s Share ($75) with lots of preserved farm-fresh goodies (canned goods, pestos, frozen fruits, etc).

Pregitzer Farm Market

Farmer: Wade Pregitzer

Contact: pregitzerfarms@gmail.com, 517-240-4600

Products: vegetables, fruit

Months offered: July 10 thru September 29

Pickup locations: Open Air Market of Stockbridge, Chelsea Farmers Market (Wednesdays), Ann Arbor-Westside Farmers Market on Thursday and Dexter-Wellness Center on Tuesday, on farm

On Farm pickup address: 6870 Territorial Road, Munith, MI 49259

Website or fb page: pregitzerfarmmarket.com | facebook.com/Pregitzer-Farm-Market-114940965607/

Description: EOW $155, Half Share $250, Full Share $395

Steinhauser Farms

Farmer: Dave Steinhauser

Contact: steinhauserfarms@gmail.com, (734) 330.9138

Products: meat

Months offered: year round in quarterly sessions.

Pickup locations: on farm

On Farm pickup address: 6257 East Joy Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Website or fb page: steinhauserfarms.com

Description: We are totally pastured based. The cattle are purebred Jerseys, they are not fed any corn, the only grain they get is from the local brewery. The hogs are purebred Berkshires ; their feed comes either from the Dexter Mill or our neighbor. We have farmed organically since 1999. Each share consists of 5-6 lbs. of beef and 5-6 lbs. of pork every month. The meat is a mix of all cuts and ground products, bacon will be in every share. Seasonal items will be included in the share. No offal is part of the mix. The cost is $220.00 for each session.

Tantre Farm

Farmer: Deb Lentz and Richard Andres

Contact: info@tantrefarm.com, (734) 475-4323

Products: vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, herbs, u-pick flowers, monthly cooking and preserving classes

Months offered: June – mid Oct. (20 weeks)

Pickup locations: Chelsea Farmers Market, Ann Arbor Farmers Market on Wednesdays, Community High School in Ann Arbor on Saturdays, Washtenaw Food Hub in Ann Arbor on Wednesdays and Saturdays, MOVE Fitness Studio (near Quality 16 Movie Theater) on Wednesdays

On Farm pickup address: 2510 Hayes Rd, Chelsea MI 48118

Website or fb page: tantrefarm.com | facebook.com/Tantre-Farm-117468354932495

Description: Members of our Summer CSA will receive 20 weeks of fresh, organic produce from a specified location one time per week from late May through the middle of October for $650. We distribute from our Ann Arbor Farmers Market stall on Wednesday mornings and the Chelsea Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. We are also in Ann Arbor at MOVE Fitness Studio on Wed. mornings near Quality 16 Movie Theater on Jackson Road. We distribute shares at the Washtenaw Food Hub in Ann Arbor on Wed. evenings and Sat. mornings. Other shares are picked up at Tantre Farm in Chelsea on Wednesdays and Fridays for a closer connection to the farm. A “share” feeds 2 people generously or a family of 4 with small children. We do not offer 1/2 shares, just one-size share box, so some CSA members choose to split a share. More details about our CSA programs can be found on our website at www.tantrefarm.com.

Two Tracks Acres

Farmer: Stephanie Willette

Contact: twotracksacres@gmail.com, (616) 734-9123

Products: pork, chicken and beef

Months offered: June – November

Pickup locations: Chelsea Farmers Market, Washtenaw County Food Hub, Tantre Farm in Chelsea

On Farm pickup address: NA

Website or fb pagetwotracksacres.com

Description: Your choice of chicken, beef, pork, or a combination of the three. Shares are frozen and you receive about 5 lbs at each pickup. Weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the share size. Grass fed beef, pastured chickens, all the animals are outdoors and not given hormones or antibiotics.

Wild Apple Farms

Farmers: Amy & Kevin Ramsey
Contact: amyramsey22@aol.com   734-426-WILD
Products: Organic method and Biodynamic Vegetables, Fruits, Honey, Eggs, Soaps, Herbs.
Pickup Location: On Farm – Saturdays
                         Summer Shares May-September
                         Other Products and classes year round
On Farm Pickup Address:  2701 N. Dancer Road, Dexter, Michigan 48130
Description: Full, split, and half shares, including Thanksgiving and Winter bundles. Homestead, permaculture, eco wilding classes, children’s programs, women’s moon lodge.

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