Bushel Basket Market July 6

Courtesy photo. Hanover Meats in a new vendor at the Wednesday Bushel Basket Farmers Market.
Courtesy photo. Hanover Meats is a new vendor at the Wednesday Bushel Basket Farmers Market.

The Wednesday Bushel Basket Farmers Market offers folks a mid-week opportunity to shop for fresh and local products at the Palmer parking lot from 2-6 p.m.

Here’s a feature on one of the newest vendors.
Hanover Craft Meats owner Mike O’Connor, was exposed to farming as a child. He grew up on his grandparent’s farm and years later, has the Old Zotter Farm, a small family farm in Southern Michigan.
They have worked hard to restore the farm, which was originally homesteaded in 1876. O’Connor’s goal with the farm was to have food that was raised a better way. So, he initiated his own business for his family, then later reached out to the local community, doing things on a broader scale.
They raise lamb, chicken, and pork, focusing on animal health and wellbeing. Their pigs, sheep, and chickens live naturally to make the best non-GMO, naturally-raised, pastured meat.

The biggest challenge he faces is the unpredictability of working with livestock. He explains, “Sometimes they don’t do what you want them to do.”
For example, they may knock over the water or go over the fence. However, he loves the challenge because that’s what makes his work fun and entertaining.
Check out Hanover Craft Meats online at www.Hanovercraftmeats.com or in person at 10550 Luttenton Road. You can reach O’Connor at 517-414-9017.

Below is a list of vendors who are expected to be there.
Please keep in mind that sometimes the vendors are unable to make the market or the products they plan to have are not available.

(maybe) Pregitzer Farm Market.  Veggie starts, herbs, lilies, annuals, combination planters, hanging baskets.
Family Circle Centennial Farm:  honey, microgreens, herbs-basil, rosemary and thyme, rainbow Swiss chard, gift certificates, T-shirts and bags, carrots, radishes, maybe kohlrabi, maybe garlic scapes, snap and snow peas, (maybe) beets, beans, (maybe) lettuce mix.

Bread, cookies and other goodies can be found at the Stone Heart Bakery table.
Bread, cookies and other goodies can be found at the Stone Heart Bakery table.

Needle Lane Farm:  kale, chard, lettuce, herbs, beets, spinach, cucumbers, kohlrabi, green onions, zucchini, peas, broccoli, basil, sweet peppers, Chinese cabbage, maybe tomatoes, carrots, herb and veggie plants, honey, flower bouquets, pole beans.
Golden Fleece Farm: Grass fed beef, patties, ground round, beef patties, beef bones, beef brats, Italian sweet sausage, eggs, short ribs, beef stew.
Mark’s Farm: beefalo meat, cabbage, kale, Swiss Chard, Boy choi, kohlrabi, green onions, broccoli, beets, Napa Chinese cabbage, hanging baskets, succulents and succulent arrangements, planters, there might be a few veggie and herb starts at special prices, maple syrup,  accent plants.
Lutchka Angus: eggs, honey, kale, green onions, herbs, beets, golden sweet cherries, cabbage, zucchini, summer squash, sweet onions.

Flower bulbs for sale.
Flower bulbs for sale.

Bordine Farms: gladiola bulbs and dahlia tubers, cut flowers
Kapnick Orchards: Baked goods, produce, fudge, nut butters, bread, donuts, sweet cherries, maybe tart cherries, nap peas, raspberries.
Stone Hearth Bakery: assorted artisan breads all baked from scratch with no preservatives, hot dog buns, cookies – check out the new sugar cookies, triple chocolate chunk brownies, fruit breads, including red raspberry, strawberry, wild blueberry, apple, cinnamon raisin, 4-cheese pepperoni rolls, 4-cheese habanero pepperoni rolls (both two to a pack).
Janet’s LLC: cards, jams, nuts, pretzels, dolls, sweets, dried fruit and nuts, Dammit dolls, caramel corn, lemon eucalyptus lotion, herb rub.
Photo by Stephanie Willette. HumusFalafel is one of the new vendors at the Saturday Farmers Market. They are also vendors at the Wednesday Bushel Basket Farmers Market.
Country Home Bakery: assorted fruit pies, breads, specialty breads, assorted cookies, cinnamon rolls, fruit coffee cake, jam, crafts, strawberry cobbler, garden signs.
Jacob’s Fresh Farm Shares: eggs, lettuce
Hanover Craft Meats: pasture-raised, non-GMO pork.
(maybe) Smith’s Daylilies
Elysium Soap: soap

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