Bushel Basket Market: September 11th, 2013

Healthy Takeout Fake-Outs

If the hectic pace of fall makes you want to succumb to the same old pizza or chinese takeout, listen up!  There are easy DIY takeout recipes that take no time and fill the need for fast and tasty.  What’s more, you can make most of these favorites from market veggies in no time at all, and you can store and save in the freezer for quick dinners without a lot of prep.  Even your teenagers might get into this!

Here’s what’s on our 30-minute menu:

Instead of italian fast food, try (gluten-free and blood-sugar friendly) zucchini noodle lasagna
Market Ingredients:

+ zucchini (or other squash)
+ tomatoes
+ ricotta

Instead of a mexican, try a whole wheat black bean pizza
Market Ingredients:

+ sweet corn
+ scallions (or onions)

Instead of thai food, try  thai chicken noodle soup
Market Ingredients:+ cabbage+ tomatoes+ onionsInstead of chinese takeout, try this lightened up sweet and sour chicken:
Market Ingredients:

+ broccoli
+ bell peppers
+ green beans

All of the in season veggies throughout this menu can be chopped and prepped on the weekend.

More tips and tricks below!

On Park St. near Main.
Saturday, 8:00 – Noon



We are happy to kick off the Prescription for Health Program (starting July 13th) and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (also known as Bridge Cards)
Please visit the market information table for specifics on the programs!

For more information on Prescription for Health: Visit Faith in Action and the Prescription for Health websites!  We’ll have healthy market recipes available to inspire you as you fulfill your Prescription for Health goals.
You can also visit the market information table for specifics on the programs!



Tips for Making Quick and Easy “Take Out” 
 1.  Buy pre-made items, like frozen rice and pizza dough, so you have them on hand
2.  Cut and prepare vegetables on a weekend so they are ready to go.
3.  Make sauces ahead of time to speed up prep time.
4.  Buy chicken tenders pre-cut, or make the time to prepare if buying from a local vendor.
5.  Sometimes canned goods and dry goods are your best friend!  Canned beans, chicken broth, rice noodles and tomatoes (we like to can our own!) heat up in minutes.Keep this Checklist on Hand to Save Time and Money at the Market!Before you go: 

  • Bring reusable bags. Tuck a few reusable shopping bags (with handles) into a pocket; merchants sometimes run out. And you’ll be helping the environment.
  • Have cash on hand. Credit cards and checks aren’t always accepted.
  • Dress for comfort. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for the weather.
  • Pack a cooler. If you live far away, or plan to be at the market for awhile, bring a cooler for produce. Consider a wheeled cart or travel bag for bulk shopping.
  • Go early… arrive at opening time to ensure the best selection. Smartphone app Locavore and website localharvest.org provide market locations and seasonal hours.
  • …Or go late. Great deals are often available around closing. Many vendors will lower their price rather than haul their wares home. However, some may be sold out.





Tribute to Mildred ParkerWe are saddened to say that one of our vendors from this season, Mildred Parker, passed away on Sunday September 1st.  Mildred was 98-years-old, and survived her son Marvin Parker and Illene McCrea.  Mildred was known for her over 68 years at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, and was just in her first year at the Bushel Basket Market.  Mildred sold vegetables, small crocheted creations, catnip toys and other crafts, and enjoyed interacting with the customers and other vendors at the market.Our thoughts go out to the Parker family and we’ll miss Mildred’s warm smile at the market.  Please read this feature on Mildred Parker at annarbor.com

New Vendor Offerings this Week:
Seasonal Vendors

Ingredient for In-Season Recipe

Kapnick Orchards: Several varieties of  apples, peaches, plums, nectarines, raspberries, pears, fudge, bread and baked sweet rolls.Kapp Farms: Basil, cherry tomatoes, green beans, kale and tomatoes.Lutchka Angus and Farm Market: sweet and cooking onions, kale, winter squash, jalapenos, hot and sweet peppers, cabbage, cukes, corn, eggplant, apples, cherry tomatoes.

Oak Hill Farm: honey, bee pollen, lotion bars, candles, cut comb honey, gift bags with assorted honey products.

Mark’s Farms and Greenhouse: maple syrup, kale, chard, beets, green and sweet onions, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, five varieties of potatoes, corn, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cabbage sprouts, cantaloupe, kohlrabe, eggplant, cukes.

Golden Fleece Farm, LLC: Grass fed beef products including ground beef, ground round, rib steaks, T-bone steaks, sirloin steaks, hamburger patties, beef brats, Italian sweet sausage, soup bones, chuck roast, English roast, swiss steak, ox-tail, liver, grass fed chickens raised on organic corn, soy-free feed (no GMO) at 3.5-4.5 pounds at $5 per pound.

Greystone Creamery: feta, possibly ricotta, Man-chel cheese, possibly cow Gouda, Chelsea-cam, Rosy-cam, blue Man-chel, sheep Gouda, butternut, garlic pepper and plain cream cheese.

Pregitzer Farm Market, LLC: CSA pick-up, broccoli, summer squash, zucchini, kale, corn, cabbage, cukes, eggplant, green beans, cauliflower, canning pickles, potatoes, watermelon.

nutsJanet’s LLC: grilling rubs, jam, flavored nuts, suckers, cajun butter, assorted fudge. spices to make flavored butter, U-M and MSU dolls, and greeting cards.

Mama Mo: hummus and seitan. Hummus flavors include ginger squash, tan/cran orange, sesame chive satay, kalamata rosemary, black pepper walnut, roasted pepper, horseradish, roasted garlic, traditional, lemon zest, curry lime, tomato basil, onion dill, roasted beet, wasabi, jalapeno, chipotle. Seitan flavors include: nuggets, traditional, fajita strips, Italian fennel sausage, breakfast sage sausage, vegan BBQ, BBQ, roast.

Bordine Farm: cut flowers, including zinnia, pin cushions, gladiola, snap dragons.

Kniffen Famly Farms: eggs, whole and half chickens.

Enrichment Center: vegetables (swissh chard), candles, lip balms, lotions, bracelets, wooden toys, hand sanitizers, soaps, pens with decor that changes with the season.

Lutz Orchards:  Please welcome our newest vendor!  Lutz Orchards specialize in unique apple varieties, as well as quince and asian pears.
Get to Know Your Vendor – Pregitzer Famr Market, LLC

Pregitzer Farm Market started as a roadside stand in 1996 when Wade
thought he’d grow and sell a few pumpkins.  The following year sweet
corn and watermelons were added, which  was a big hit.  This led to
more items being grown in the following years and a very busy
roadside stand!

In 2003 the Pregitzer family moved a quarter mile north to a horse farm, which was
promptly turned into a produce farm!  A small barn that is over 75
years old serves as their market.  With the additional land and
convenient location they started growing and selling more produce than
ever before.

Wade broadened his vision in 2005 with a focus on farm entertainment and education.
They added a corn maze, petting farm, hayrides, and

field trips.  This generated  phenomenal growth resulting in Wade’s
dream of farming for a living becoming a tangible goal.  To do this he
began offering even more produce, education, and fun entertainment.

In 2008 Wade made farming his full time career, adding beef cows, poultry
and eggs, growing flowers from three greenhouses and starting a CSA along
with attending three farmers markets.

In 2013 the Pregitzer Farm Market goal is to expand the CSA, strive to provide
high quality produce for over 120 CSA members and to encourage communities of
people to eat healthy, locally produced items from the farm.  Visit him and his family
at the Bushel Basket Market or the farm this fall!

Every week until the end of the season, we’ll feature one of the vendors in our newsletter, to get to know the people behind your food.

For all the best in-season, summertime foods and recipes, stay tuned for the weekly installments of the


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