Chelsea Winter Market Nov 12

The Saturday Winter Farmers Market takes place from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. inside the cafeteria at the Washington Street Education Center.

Below are a list of vendors who are expected to be there.
*Thanks to Chelsea Update for content and pictures

Kapnick Orchards – Apples, cider, baked goods, fudge
Debbie’s Bead Design
 – handmade jewelry
Affeathermations – Natural media crafts for ceremony and celebration. Bark art, wall hangings, medicine wheels, heal-the-earth wreaths, fans, rattles and owls.
Country Hills Pottery – pottery
Mostly Green Acres – soy free, organic fed free range chicken eggs, chicken, pork, grass fed beef
Elysium Soap – soap, lotions, lip balm
Bean Creek Cookie Co – old fashioned cookies made from scratch, caramel corn
La Baguette cookies
Pastry Garden
 – Pastries including cakes, tarts, cookies, scones, cupcakes, etc.
Fluffy Bottom – cheese and yogurt
Brieland-Schoultz – soap, eggs, jam
Frog Hollar Farm – Winter squash, potatoes, beets, apples
La Baguette – French-style pastries and baguettes
chicken two tracks
Marks Farm
 – winter squash, kale, cabbage, potatoes, onions, broccoli, sweet potatoes, other produce
Two Tracks – chicken, Italian and breakfast sausage, chorizo, pork chops, bacon, pork roasts, ham hocks, Thanksgiving turkeys
Thistle Blossom Herbals – salve, infused herbal medicine oils, moisturizer oils and lotion bars, lavender linen spray
Stone Hearth – assorted artisan breads all baked from scratch with no preservatives, hot dog buns, cookies, brownies, fruit breads including red raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, apple, cinnamon raisin, 4-cheese pepperoni rolls
Pregitzer Farm
 – Winter squash, kale, cabbage, potatoes, onions, broccoli, sweet potatoes, other produce
Lands of Bru-Garick – eggs, quilted bags, hand-made goods
Simply Gourmet Fresh Salsa and Tortilla Chips – fresh and canned salsa, tortilla chips, queso dio, bacon dressing, ready to eat items
Myer Jam – jams and jellies
The Barn – rustic benches and picnic tables from reclaimed barn wood
Country Home Bakery – assorted fruit pies, breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls, fruit coffee cake, jam, crafts, cobbler, garden signs, muffins
Dave’s Honey – honey
Janet’s LLC – Cards, jams, nuts, pretzels, dolls, sweets, dried fruit and nuts, caramel corn, lemon eucalyptus lotion, herb rubs.
There will be coffee from Roaming Goat

Thank You to Our Partners

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