Farmers Market October 2nd!

Greetings all –

Well, it’s October. And wet! But don’t let that deter you from coming out to the market and enjoying the bounty of this time of year! The autumn colors will soon be in full effect and the market offering switching over from tomatoes and peppers to winter squash, pumpkins, onions, potatoes and winter greens!

When: every Wednesday from 1-5pm through the end of October (we then move indoor to the Washington St. Education Center on Saturdays for November and December!)

Where: Corner of M52 and Old US 12. There is plenty of parking near the businesses on the south side. Please keep the north spaces and those closest to the bank open for bank patrons.

Who: Lovely humans working to steward healthy community!

GOLDEN FLEECE FARMS: a sustainable, pasture based farm that does not use commercial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, nor GMO crops. Sustainablity is accomplished by rotational grazing of cattle and sheep across all acreage on the farm. They have beef, eggs and honey for sale!

BORDINE FARMS: amazing dahlia bouquets!

KAPNICK ORCHARD: Fruits, nut butters, sweet breads, treats and more.

PREGITZER FARM:  Wade will have delicious seasonal veggies – corn!

STONEHEARTH BAKERY: breads and cookies all made from scratch and without preservatives. Pepperoni rolls, cinnamon rolls, cheese breads, cookies and more.

MARKS FARM: One of our veteran venders! Deb brings a host of lovely seasonal vegetables.

LA BAGUETTE: a small bakery specializing in French baked goods, Lisa and Suzanne invite you to come and sample their products! They will have baguettes, rye-sesame boules, madeleines, sablés, honey roasted peanut cookies, gâteau breton, sorta di ricotta e ciocolate, gâteau aux fruits, brioche, and savory tarts

JACOB’S FRESH FARM:Jacob is moving his bees to keep them safe from the pesticide spaying in response to the EEE “outbreak”. He is remiss in not being present but needs to work to protect his hives. Look for him Saturday to be sure!

SWEET AND SALTY COOKIE COMPANY: Jeff and Jocelyn bring delicious homemade cookies: chocolate chip, M&M, double dip chocolate chip, store’s, dark chocolate pecan, maple oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and snickerdoodle! YUM.

PARA PARA CREAMERY: Delicious and quality craft cheeses – from feta to chipotle feta spread to gouda and cheddar. Don’t miss his magic!

K’S ACRE’S: seasonal veggies, fruit – gorgeous raspberries today,  plums, apples, cinnamon and traditional maple syrup. 

SMELLZ SO GOOD:  Kimberly and Carlton are bringing slow burning soy wax candles and wax melts to both the Saturday and Wednesday Markets! Ask for a smell of all their flavors – they are amazing.

DEXTER FOLSOM: (weather permitting) hand crafted blue bird boxes and bird feeders. 

CROOKED TREE GARLIC FARM (maybe): Small local farm located in Dansville, MI. They grow garlic all naturally with no chemical fertilizers. It is all hand planted and picked. They will have garlic powder as well!

MANCHESTER BLOOMS: a variety of gorgeous zinnias and sunflowers! made into bouquets or by the bucket!

As always, we are ever so grateful for the City of Chelsea for their support and the Chelsea State Bank for their outstanding open arms. This Wednesday market sure is special. See you there!

Thank You to Our Partners

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