Farmers Market Wednesday July 17th!

Greetings all –

Can we talk about hay for a minute? I adore when that first cut comes off with the promise of a second and a wish for a third. Big round bales, small square; no matter they all have a purpose. Both in feeding the earth as rooted plants and as fodder for our farm animals. The smell of freshly cut hay beautifully transports my adult self into the childhood memory of my grandfather’s barn.

The market will be taking place as usual this week: Next week we will have a food demo with the lovely Monica Gabba.

When: every Wednesday from 1-5pm through October

Where: Corner of M52 and Old US 12. There is plenty of parking near the businesses on the south side. Please keep the north spaces and those closest to the bank open for bank patrons.

Who: Lovely humans working to steward healthy community!

**GOOD TIMES KETTLE CORN: Marge is on break this week but hopes to return next!

BILL WEBER: gorgeous wood worked goods. Don’t miss this man’s craftsmanship!

KAPNICK ORCHARD: strawberries, cherries, raspberries, snap peas,nut butters, sweet breads, treats and more.

GOLDEN FLEECE FARM: sustainably pasture raised beef and chicken eggs, honey!

NEEDLELANE FARMS: local seasonal and sustainably raised veggies; spinach, lettuce, kale, chard, salad mix, beets, fennel, kohlrabi, cabbage, arugula, herbs, green onions and leeks! Transplants and honey to boot.

JAM MAN: with great sadness we will lose Brian until September. His garden calls and the demand of two markets is too much. Look for him at the Coldwater Farmers Market.

HANKRA JEWEL: gorgeous hand made silver and copper wearable and wall art! 

breads and cookies all made from scratch and without preservatives. Pepperoni rolls, cinnamon rolls, cheese breads, cookies and more.

LA BAGUETTE: a small bakery specializing in French baked goods, Lisa and Suzanne invite you to come and sample their products! They will have baguettes, rye-sesame boules, madeleines, sablés, honey roasted peanut cookies, gâteau breton, sorta di ricotta e ciocolate, gâteau aux fruits, brioche, and savory tarts

MARKS FARM: One of our veteran venders! Deb brings a host of plants and will have tons of seasonal veggies!

JACOB’S FRESH FARM: Local, seasonal veggies, eggs, and honey.

SWEET AND SALTY COOKIE COMPANY: Jeff and Jocelyn are new to the outdoor market and bring a delicious homemade cookies: chocolate chip, M&M, double dip chocolate chip, store’s, dark chocolate pecan, maple oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and snickerdoodle! YUM.

HANDMADE AND HOMEGROWN: Anna graces us with her presence at the Saturday market almost weekly! She will have beautiful raspberries and green beans on top of her crafted wares.

BRIELAND-SHOULTZ FARM:  Greg and Joan offer free-range eggs, pasture raised poultry, and grass fed beef at both Saturday and Wednesday markets! They also raise chemical free, seasonal veggies and CSA. Goats milk soap and jam with the occasional sourdough pepper their table throughout the season.

BORDINE FARMS: Back with flowers!

AWAKENED PROVISIONS: Kelsey will have her granola, dried tea, gluten free baked goods (that are ridiculously tasty) and sparkling vinegar tonics. 

PARA PARA CREAMERY: Po will be offering his magic through cheddar, young gouda, feta, garlic feta spread and chipotle feta spread (yes, this is a thing and it is SO good)

K’S ACRE’S: seasonal veggies, hothouse strawberries, seasonal fruit, hanging baskets, cinnamon and traditional maple syrup and more.

AFFEATHERMATIONS (weather permitting): Joan brings her smile and style to her beautiful nature inspired art pieces – that are just as functional as they are easy to look at. 

SMELLZ SO GOOD:  Kimberly and Carlton are bringing slow burning soy wax candles and wax melts to both the Saturday and Wednesday Markets! Ask for a smell of all their flavors – they are amazing.

DEXTER FOLSOM: hand crafted blue bird boxes and bird feeders. 

PAPER BEAD ELEGANCE: lovely hand crafted paper beaded earrings! 

As always, we are ever so grateful for the City of Chelsea for their support and the Chelsea State Bank for their outstanding open arms. This Wednesday market sure is special. See you there!

Thank You to Our Partners

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