Get to Know Your Vendor: Back Forty Acres

back-forty-acres_fresh-turkeyBack Forty Acres is a family-owned farming venture whose vision is to produce good tasting meat and poultry products for the local community, raised naturally – on pasture and with natural feeds – humanely – done in a sustainable fashion. Simple as that!

According to Kevin and DeAnn Doll’s website, their animal feed has no chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones. The animals are not confined as they are in many factory farms. Turkeys and broiler chickens are housed in large portable pens outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  Egg layers are outdoors too.  The sheep and goats are grass fed on 20 acres. The pigs will soon have their own corner of the pasture, where they can root around and just enjoy being a pig! Outside living with access to proper foods can improve the quality of the meat and eggs along with the quality of the animal’s life.  Back Forty specializes in the “old breeds” of poultry and livestock – the ones our ancestors put on their tables, Concerned breeders across the country are trying to build up their flocks and herds of Heritage breeds and purchasing these breeds is a vote for biodiversity.  Come check out their pre-order and market-ready meats and eggs at the Chelsea Farmers Market!


Thank You to Our Partners

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