Get to Know Your Vendor: Chandra June

Chandra June
Chandra Mitchel started her business in 1992, named Chandra June, with her jewelry featured in 22 stores across Michigan and Ohio.  In the past, her work could also be found at festivals, art fairs and music events, as well as an online Etsy store.  Her unique line of necklaces and earrings includes 14 karat gold and sterling silver pieces featuring gems in both a rough natural state and tumbled, polished stones, as well as vintage beads she incorporates into her wearable art.  Chandra has scaled back her business now that she has kids, and sells primarlly through the Ypsilanti Farmers Market and the Chelsea Farmers Market, as well as her online store.  Check out Chandra’s one-of-a-kind jewelry at Saturday’s farmers market for artful accessories!

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