Get to Know Your Vendor – fresh. roasting

John LeBlanc is the owner of fresh. roasting.  Fresh. is a micro coffee bean roastery, in every sense of the word “micro.” LeBlanc, roasts coffee beans inside of his parents’ garage in Saline.  He created fresh. as “something to fall back on” after graduating from Eastern Michigan University, and it’s become a thriving business.  LeBlanc orders his green coffee beans in 150-pound bags, from importers in New York and California. The variety of coffee is based on what crops are in season. Typically, LeBlanc receives between 10 and 15 samples each week to choose from.  LeBlanc also only chooses fair trade certified coffee beans, which means the workers and farmers who grow the beans are provided fair and livable wages.  All of fresh. coffee’s bean varieties come from the same farm to ensure a higher quality, called single origin coffee.  Every week, fresh. has just a few different varieties of coffee to choose from – come by the Chelsea Farmers Market to check out what the coffee buzz is all about!

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