Get to Know Your Vendor: Frog Hollar Farms

Judy and Charlie Jackson’s farm name comes from when they first purchased their farm in 1987.  They started by camping at the farm, and would sit outside with a nice campfire and listen to
the sounds of nature and watch the beautiful starlit sky. They soon realized that we were almost shouting to be able to hear each other, since the tree frogs (peepers)  were hollaring so loud – thus Frog Hollar Farms was born.

Judy has always had an interest in growing perennials, and Charlie had an interest in sustaining gardening, creating an agriculture business complimented by woodworking and crafts.  Together, they started selling at the Chelsea Farmers Market and completed a Master Gardener Program at Hidden Lake Gardens to help them in starting their business.  You can find them every Saturday selling their produce, straight from their Manchester Township farm in the Irish Hills.

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