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Golden Fleece Farms

Brett and Barb Seabury began farming when they came to Michigan in 1975 when Brett was hired to teach at the University of Michigan. They were not born into farm families but loved being outside and being with animals. It has always been important to them to have good quality food that is as natural as possible, without hormones, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. They wanted to be able to grow and raise as much of their own food as possible to insure that it was wholesome. 

Brett and Barb’s interest in farming evolved over time. At first farming was a part-time activity, so their children could be exposed to animals and involved in 4H.  Besides an organic vegetable garden, they’ve raised goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and a Suri llama.  Over time, they’ve developed a greater interest in beef cattle and discovered that the Grass Fed Beef movement fit their values and their land. Their land in the  Sharon Short Hills is rolling, and the hills are best suited for pasture and hay.  They are constantly learning and are enjoying the challenge of managing a cow-calf herd and building the soil so that it provides a pasture that is sustainable and nutritious.  Spring is the most exciting time on the farm, seeing the cows give birth and raise their calves.  They sell most of our weaned calves to other farms to raise to maturity. They also raise a few to maturity for personal use and for private sale at places like the Bushel Basket Market!

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