Get to Know Your Vendor: Tantre Farm

Tantre_FamilyTantre Farm is a certified organic farm about 20 miles west of Chelsea, and has been in operation since 1993.  Over 20 years, the farm has gathered a following through its farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture, summer internships, Farm-To-School program and relationships with local restaurants.  The mission of Tantre Fam is “to produce and distribute fresh, organic produce, while serving as an educational, sustainable, and social network for our surrounding community.”  Tantre’s organic ethic has caught the eye of The Nation, The New York Times and many others, helping them to recruit interns from across the country to support the summer harvest.  Richard Andres and Deb Lentz own the farm, and live there with their daughter Ariana, along with seasonal interns.

Tantre is well known for its wide variety of produce, including over 100 types of vegetables and strawberries, rasberries, pears and melons.  Right now, they have turnips, radishes, asparagus, garlic scapes, mushrooms and greens galore.  Come say hello to Deb and Ellen, one of the interns helping out at the Chelsea Farmers Market this summer!


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