Indoor Winter Market Saturday January 20th

Greetings All!

A little warm up in the weather is a great opportunity to come out to the market and see what our vendors have to offer this week! I will be away at the 2018 Market Manager Certificate Program in Kalamazoo (woot!) but Mary will be there in my place. There will be plenty of hot coffee and goodies to buy.

Next week: Scott Thatcher will play and sing from 10-12:30! Don’t miss his sweet voice.

This week we expect to see:

KAPNICK ORCHARDS: apples, apple butter, fudge, doughnuts, sweet breads, savory bread, fritters and more

LAKE DIVIDE FARM: organically certified seasonal veggies

MYER JAM: old fashioned jam made with love

COUNTRY HILLS POTTERY: lovely hand thrown pottery that is as functional as it is beautiful

LA BAGUETTE: french baking at it’s finest! baguettes, savory tarts, sweet cakes, gluten free chocolate chip cookies, madeleines and more

THISTLE BLOSSOM HERBAL: salves, linen sprays, hand sanitizer, boo-boo sticks

VOGUE BOOGE: soy based candles in a variety of sizes and scents!

GOLDEN FLEECE FARM: sustainably raised lamb, beef, goat and eggs

BRIELAND SHOULTZ: eggs, goat soap, and jam


Thank you so much for your undying support as we continue to

Thank You to Our Partners

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