Lutchka Angus

I am so excited that I get to make special trips to connect with the farmers of our markets this year! Over the past couple of months I have been visiting all the fruit, vegetable and meat farms we host at our markets and I couldn’t be more pleased with this opportunity to CONNECT. We all have different lenses that carry our physical and emotional selves through time and space. By engaging with this community of hard working, inspiring entrepreneurs in this intimate way opens up space for dialogue and understanding. It is through empathy that we can develop real conversations about relation. These families show their passions well and drive me to have an understanding of their lives through their actions!

The Lutchka’s have been farming “forever”; this is the response that Joan gave me when I asked how many years. And when you are a farmer the way Joan and Dave and their family are farmers forever is an understatement. It is in their blood, their sore muscles, it is in their calloused hands and immaculate fields; it is also in their hearts and their passion for clean food is a driving force not to be reckoned with!

With 6 plus acres of veggies, 6 plus acres of rotational grazing for about 86 head of cattle (half of them calves) and 109 acres right there on their home footprint these folks have a lot of management to do. Lisa, Dave and Joan’s daughter helps manage all of it, along with a few grandchildren and one hired help.

The care that they take to make sure that the fields are clean, the soil is healthy, and the food that they produce be high quality is amazing. They have spent 51 years at the homestead in which they reside and work and Joan throws out references to retiring this year – meaning this may be their last growing season of veggies (yes, I know, I am heartbroken too!)

You can find Lutchka at the Wednesday market through the end of October and catch their food fresh at their farmstead on Francisco Rd in Grass Lake every day of the week.

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