May 27 Bushel Basket Market Newsletter

This week: Market basket giveaway. Have a chance to win a free basket full of market goodies! The market takes place 2-6 pm at the Palmer Auto lot on Main St in downtown Chelsea, and the vendor offerings are quickly increasing in variety.

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New this year at the Wednesday Bushel Basket Farmers Market is Stamatopoulos and Sons olive oils, olives and popcorn.

Below are a listing of the vendors and what they expect to have for sale on Wednesday.

Janes' Place sells maple syrup, granolas and energy and breakfast bars.

Kapnick Orchards: asparagus, rhubarb, apples and apple cider (until the end of May), baked goods, nut butters, fudge.

Golden Fleece Farm: soy-free organic eggs, lamb – ground, loin and rib chops, steak, shanks, liver.

Marks Farm: herb planters, mixed flower planters, veggie starts, hanging baskets, ornamental grasses, succulent bowls, lettuce and herb bowls, accent plants.

Stamatopoulos and Sons: 5 types of olive oils including chipotle, Greek herb, Lemoni, Portokali, mind basil, delicate, medium/mild and robust extra virgin Olive Oil, Kalamata black olives with pits, Amphissa Green Olives pitted, popcorn, customized gift baskets.

Pregitzer Farm Market: lettuce bowls, annuals, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato starts, hanging baskets, lilies, ask Wade about his CSA.

Madison’s Closet and Farm: over 30 flavors of lollipops, sugar free and sugared jams and jellies, gluten-free baked goods, cake balls, hair bowls, kid’s play food.

Another new vendor is Just Being Momo, which sells infused oils, weaving and knitting.

Lutchka Angus Farm: eggs, asparagus, maybe rhubarb, maybe herbs, green onions.

Break O’Day Farm: gluten-free baked goods, pies and stop by to see the new goodies this week, cookbooks, organic eggs, frozen rabbit and chicken

Janes’ Place: maple syrup, Jane’s Grains Fantastic granola, savory granola, Zipz energy bars, Kuki gluten-free breakfast bars, maybe maple Italian salad dressing.

DeVulder’s Farm: veggie starts, herbs, strawberry plants, lettuce, arugula, radishes, rhubarb plants, green onions, cut rhubarb, maybe strawberries, hosta.

Janet’s LLC: cards, jams, Damn It Dolls, rubs, new herbal butter blend, flavored nuts, pretzels, turtles and other sweets, lemon eucalyptus lotion bug repellent, new dried fruit and nuts.

Family Circle Centennial Farm: spinach, maybe joi choi, chard, kale, maybe radishes, herbs, honey, turnip greens, head lettuce (romaine/butterhead), ask about our gift certificates.

Needle Lane Farm: stinging nettle, curly parsley, Swiss chard, lettuce, spinach, salad mix, hanging baskets, herb plants, maybe bok choy, maybe snow peas, Lamb’s quarter, honey, veggie starts, organic seeds, organic fertilizer, compost, bay leaves, chives, kale.

Lots of herbs for sale.

Guthrie Gardens: perennials, shrubs, hanging baskets, planters, blueberry plants, asparagus crowns, dawn redwood.

Just Being Momo: all organic herbal oil infusions, bath salts and soaps, medicinal oils, dried herbs, coconut-olive oil soap, weaving and knitted products, dandelion suave for sore muscles, lavender infused oil, ask about our new products each week.

The Cookie Pot: all organic cookies – zucchini chocolate chip, oatmeal carrot cake, lemon delights, maple pecan, chai spice snickerdoodle, frosted monkey bread. Ask about our cookie of the month.

Bordine Farms: 20 varieties of dahlia bulbs, plants.

Stone Hearth Bakery: assorted rolls, cookies and breads.

Natural Fix Herbal Soap: natural and handmade herbal soaps and herbal dream pillows, recycled bird feeders.

Our Family Farm: large and jumbo chicken eggs, duck eggs, Ask John about his CSA delivered to the Bushel Basket Market. No GMA seeds used.

Bow Wow K9 Tasty Treats: dog treats.

Flying Dragon Arts: hand crafted jewelry.

Susanne Graves: organic lavender sugar; Herbes de provence; Fresh culinary lavender in season; Fresh fennel & dill flowers; French thyme; Fresh chamomile in season; Chamomile and lavender teas; Lavender infused honey; Lavender, chamomile and calendula bath soak; Lavender and chamomile bath tub teas

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