Recipe: Raspberry Habanero Jelly Over Pecan Cream Cheese Spread

Simple and tasty, this fancy looking recipe only takes 5 ingredients!

* Cream cheese (from Greystone Creamery)
* Pecans (from Janet’s LLC)
* Raspberry Habanero Jelly (from Janet’s LLC)
* Crackers or Bread (try any of our bread vendors, or Tasty Bakery’s crackers)

Put the room temperature cream cheese and pecans in a food processor – pulse. Form into a hockey puck sized disc, then refrigerate for an hour. Serve with raspberry habanero jelly and toasted bread or crackers – enjoy!
* 2-3 sleeves of crackers


Place a bowl just big enough to accommodate a single block of cream cheese (with a little bit of wiggle room around it) into another pretty serving tray. Place the softened cream cheese in the center bowl. Loosen up the hot pepper jelly by vigorously stirring it, then slowly pour it over the top of the cream cheese, letting it pool around the cream cheese a bit. Set aside any remaining pepper jelly in the jar to replenish the dip later. Surround the cream cheese dish by laying out crackers or bread on the outer serving tray and watch how fast this dish disappears!

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