Joan Hutchinson of Affeathermations, this week's featured vendor at the Saturday Farmers Market.
Joan Hutchinson of Affeathermations, this week’s featured vendor at the Saturday Farmers Market.

The Chelsea Farmers Market takes place on Saturdays from 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
Chelsea Update is profiling vendors at the Chelsea Farmers Market and this week it’s Affeathermations.

Joan Hutchinson first became a vendor at the Chelsea Farmers Market in the late 1990s. Her stand is called Affeathermations.
“I began finding feathers on my morning run after my son died in late 1988; they were probably always there, but I was somehow drawn to pick them up,” said Hutchinson. “That first summer I ended up with two shoeboxes full!”
Since childhood she has enjoyed nature and has always been drawn to various religions and belief systems. Those interests meshed together in the products she makes and sells.
“We sell things made of natural, mostly found materials-some products are purely decorative or fun, others are for use in personal and class mind-body work, or in traditional drum circles and other group gatherings,” said Hutchinson.
She enjoys meeting like-minded individuals at the Chelsea Farmers Market.
“I like the people at the market, both vendors and customers,” she said. “Chelsea folks really support their farmers market nicely, and even though I don’t offer products that one needs every week like veggies or fruits, my sales are consistent. Over time, I hope to build a clientele who will think of me for that unique gift or special item.”

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