Bushel Basket Market Newsletter: June 12, 2013


Come to the information desk to learn more about allergy and special diet considerations at the market! Today we are featuring the specialty vendors who cater to patients with special diets. Whatever your needs, we provide some knowledgeable vendors to help you:

  • gluten-free, lactose-intolerant or low-sugar – visit Tasty Bakery to learn how they make their tasty treats so you can indulge healthfully! Coconut oil, palm sugar and non-gluten flours, like rice flour, are their secret.
  • vegetarian or heart health – visit MamaMo for a lesson in seitan and hummus, and its benefits for those avoiding higher fat proteins.
  • low-glycemic index and low-salt – New vendor Alive Bakery makes specialty, flourless breads using organic sprouted grains, also high fiber, spelt breads for the gluten- intolerant.
  • natural, grass-fed animal products and whole grain options abound! Many vendors sell animal products and produce grown with your health in mind – just ask a vendor about their growing practices, and they will be happy to tell you all about them! For more information on eating healthy, no matter what your diet, check the Choose My Plate website for more tips on a balanced diet:

NEW! We now accept the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program at the market (also known as Bridge Cards). Please visit the market information table for specifics on the program!

Summer fruits and vegetables are here!

Vendor Offerings this Week:

  • Kapnick Orchards: Strawberries, asparagus, fudge and baked sweet rolls.
  • Sprouted Alive Bakery: whole grain, raisin, sprouted and gluten-free bread.
  • Kapp Farms: baked goods, pretzels, and rolls, maybe rhubarb, onion rolls, olive twists, cinnamon rolls and spinach.
  • Lutchka Angus and Farm Market: onions, eggs, Bok choi, radishes, maybe spinach.
  • Oak Hill Farm: honey, bee pollen, lotion bars, candles, gift bags with assorted honey products.
  • Mark’s Farms and Greenhouse: hanging baskets, herb plants, succulents, assorted vegetable plants, maple syrup, Bok Choi, kale, chard.
  • Golden Fleece Farm: grass fed lamb products including chops, leg, shanks, stew meat , and eggs.
  • Greystone Creamery: feta, possibly ricotta, Man-chel cheese, possibly cow Gouda, Chelsea-cam, Rosy-cam, blue Man-chel, sheep Gouda, butternut, garlic pepper and plain cream cheese.
  • Pregitzer Farm Market: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares, tomato, pepper, egg plant, cucumber, herb plants, cabbage, broccoli, annual flowers.
  • Janet’s: grilling rubs, jam, flavored nuts, suckers, U-M and MSU and greeting cards.
  • T. J Farms: roses, lilacs, hydrangea and other perennials, nursery stock plants, trees and bushes.
  • Tasty Bakery: All gluten-free! intense fudge brownies, peanut butter granola bars (vegan & sugar-free), berry bars (vegan & sugar free), chocolate chip cookies (regular &vegan). chocolate covered donuts (vegan & coconut crystal sweetened), zucchini mini loaves (vegan & sugar-free), oatmeal chocolate chimp cookies (vegan and coconut cystal sweetened) chocolate/vanilla cupcakes, strawberry hand pies (vegan & sugar free).
  • Parker Kitchen: banana, white and zucchini bread, cookies, catnip toys, afghans and quilts.
  • Mama Mo: hummus and seitan. Hummus flavors include ginger squash, tan/cran orange, sesame chive satay, kalamata rosemary, black pepper walnut, roasted pepper, horseradish, roasted garlic, traditional, lemon zest, curry lime, tomato basil, onion dill, roasted beet, wasabi, jalapeno, chipotle. Seitan flavors include: nuggets, traditional, fajita strips, Italian fennel sausage, breakfast sage sausage, vegan BBQ, BBQ, roast.
  • Hollow Hill Farm: asparagus, ruffle scarves.
  • Stone Hearth Breads and Bakery: pumpernickel, German rye and German rye seeded, Italian Milano, honey whole wheat, San Francisco sourdough, assorted cookies and buns, four-cheese pepperoni rolls, spinach feta cheese bread, multi-grain bread, country loaf, cheese bread, rosemary herb and tomato basil bread, four-cheese bread sticks, jalapeno cheese bread and assorted sweet breads — including cinnamon, cinnamon raisin, strawberry white chocolate, peach pecan, wild blueberry cream cheese, Reuben rolls, and bacon cheddar beer bread.

In Season Recipes of the Week

Strawberry Spinach Salad (click for recipe)

Expert tip – vitamin C, added with citrus and strawberries, helps your body to absorb the iron in spinach. Great for those with allergies, anemia or anyone who has limited meat in their diet! Add sliced chicken for a low-fat protein.



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