Farmers Market Saturday August 3rd!


I know that everyone is concerned about the construction, so I just want to confirm that two way traffic will be open throughout this project (barring two weekends TBD in the fall) so that you can still access our farmers market! Parking is tight in the event space and I am doing my best to cone off turnaround spaces at the end of the line to eliminate any congestion. Your patience is greatly appreciated (and I am always open to suggestions!). 

Where:  Palmer Commons Event Space, 304 S. Main St.

When: 8 am – 1 pm every Saturday through October

Who: YOU! Plus the best farmers, artisans and specialty food curators around!

Music: Kevin Brown! Looking forward to hearing his tunes! Come pull up a chair and listen from 10:30 am -12:45 pm.

Hot Food!: Roaming Goat planned to come back this week and had to cancel due to short staff. Look for them NEXT week for sure!

Children’s Tent: David is always pulling something wonderful together for our kiddos! This week is Nature Chimes. 9:30-12:30 each week. 

With no further ado…

TANTRE FARM: green and yellow beans, golden beets, red beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, Swiss chard, collards, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, kale, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms (maybe), green onions, summer onions, snap and snow peas, potatoes, summer squash, raspberries & blackberries (maybe), tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, and lots of fresh herbs like parsley, rosemary, sorrel, chamomile for (sleeping tea), chives, oregano, thyme, and peppermint.  We also will be distributing CSA Shares and will offer prorated shares all summer long!

TRAVKA HERBALS: Olga is on break this week, but look for her soon!

***SHORELINE WILD SALMON!: Back for the rest of the season, you will find these guys here every other week and into the winter market space! 

DEXTER FOLSOM: (maybe) Dexter makes lovely bird houses that you will adore. 

BILL WEBER: gorgeous handcrafted wooden products. We are welcoming this Wednesday vendor to the Saturday show this week!

*RATERMAN BREAD: Nick is back with delicious fermented sourdough artisan breads. His flavors this week will be Original, multigrain, asiago rosemary and kalamata olive. Look for rye wheat and sesame in the future!

H&H SUGARBUSH: back this week with awesome maple syrup and candies! Don’t miss them.

KAPNICK ORCHARDS: All the fruits! They have such a wide variety of offering. 

SHAW CREEK WOODS: Hand crafted Adirondack chairs, Michirondack chairs, signs and more.

JACOB’S FRESH FARM: Seasonal produce, transplants, eggs and honey!

THISTLE BLOSSOM HERBAL: on break this week! Look for Denise next week with her lovely body care needs.

fresh. : coffee! Both brewed and beans

FLUFFY BOTTOM FARM: Kelli Conlin is going to be on break this week, but look for her next week for sure!

COUNTRY HILLS POTTERY: Beautiful hand thrown pottery with function and style! 

LAVENDER AND HONEY APOTHECARY: Angela has an amazing product line of body care options. From Deodorant to salve, lip balm to bug spray you won’t be disappointed.

SWEET AND SALTY COOKIE COMPANY: Jeff and Jocelyn are new to the outdoor market and bring a delicious homemade cookies: chocolate chip, M&M, double dip chocolate chip, store’s, dark chocolate pecan, maple oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and snickerdoodle!

PARA PARA CREAMERY!: Po Erlich is bringing his amazing cheese to both Wednesday and Saturday Market this year. Feta, feta spread, cheddar and gouda are his main staples along with brie, blue, swiss, mozzarella and asiago! Don’t miss his magic.

LA BAGUETTE: a small bakery specializing in French baked goods, Lisa and Suzanne invite you to come and sample their products! They will have baguettes, rye-sesame boules, madeleines, sablés, honey roasted peanut cookies, gâteau breton, sorta di ricotta e ciocolate, gâteau aux fruits, brioche, and savory tarts

BRIELAND-SHOULTZ FARM: Greg and Joan offer free-range eggs, pasture raised poultry, and grass fed beef at both Saturday and Wednesday markets! They also raise chemical free, seasonal veggies and CSA. Goats milk soap and jam with the occasional sourdough pepper their table throughout the season.

TWO TRACKS ACRES: Taik and Stephanie take a holistic approach to farming, which means they value diversity in their environment. They use natural methods to raise animals on pasture, and grow a number of different veggies and flowers. 

AWAKENED PROVISIONS: Kelsey is bringing her gluten free cookies, granola, and savory muffins along with dry herbs and teas, flavored vinegars and love of health to the market this year! 

LAKEHOUSE BAKERY:  (Keegan will be set up across the aisle from where he has been – keep your eyes peeled and never fret, he is still at market!) so much delicious bread, croissants, macrons, sauces, chutney and more! Don’t forget to ask Keegan about his Friday and Saturday night pizza.

HEIM GARDENS: a family business specializing in flowers and vegetables grown in the greenhouses and the field.

GOETZ GREENHOUSE: Sweet Corn, tomatoes, green beans and the rest of our delicious summer veggies. This centennial farm operation is such a delight.

HANDMADE AND HOMEGROWN: Anna has a small scale fruit and veggie operation along with her lovely hand knit items. This week she is looking to have green and purple beans, jalapeños, and maybe raspberries

SMELLZ SO GOOD CANDLE CO.:  Kimberly and Carlton are working another event this week, but look for them Wednesday!

BORDINE FARMS: (maybe) Duane’s flowers are in, but he can’t keep them long enough to sell at market – demand is high at his farm! Fingers crossed he will be set up with gorgeous bouquets for purchase. 

AFFEATHERMATIONS:(**weather permitting) smudge sticks, fans and burn bowls, bark art, meditation wheels, rattles and other gourd products! Come visit Joan and her beautiful goods.

STONEHEARTH BAKERY: Adam has pepperoni rolls, cinnamon buns, a wide variety of breads, cookies and more!

LAKE DIVIDE FARM!: Jim and Helen grow certified organic, seasonal vegetables in Stockbridge and have an amazing team of passionate farmers to support their efforts! They offer a flexible market-based farm membership and are committed to enriching the lives of their community by growing delicious, healthy and affordable produce while caring for the natural world. 

SUNFLOWER STUDIO(maybe): Rachel will be joining us with her vibrant hand thrown goods! Check out the magic in her work.

As always, we are forever grateful to YOU for your ongoing support! 

Thank You to Our Partners

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