Get to Know Your Vendor: Janet’s Delights and Things, LLC

Janet Brown is known for her delicious rubs, tasty treats and homemade cards and gifts.  Beginning in 2003, Janet started selling dried herbs at the Farmers Market in Ann Arbor, MI. From that she evolved into producing herb blends for soups, casseroles, dips, spreads as well as herbal tea blends. In 2008 she added dry rubs for summer grilling, which has expanded into rubs for oven baking, crock pot cooking and deep frying. Janet’s Rubs are an easy solution to flavoring meals without adding calories or preservatives.  Motivated to make ordinary meals more interesting, Janet’s Delights & Things has grown into an exciting business. Her all-natural herb and spice blends have no MSG’s or preservatives and have been carefully crafted and prepared to easily help jazz up every day meals. Use our dry rubs for grilling, roasting chicken, pork or fish and especially on vegetables. Also don’t forget to finish off that meal with some new flavor combinations using our special baking spice blends for your cookies and cakes, or some of her jams and candy products.  Her “delights”  are the perfect accompaniment to your Labor Day cookout or party.Janet adds chocolates (suckers, candy bars, caramels, etc.) for Halloween.  These items will start appearing in October, providing the temperature does not saty in the 80’s!

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