Get to Know Your Vendor: Stone Hearth Bakery

Stone Hearth is a favorite seasonal vendor at both the Chelsea Farmers Market and the Bushel Basket Market, known for their wide variety of artisan breads, all made without preservatives and in a traditional manner.  The busniess is in its eighth year, and started when Adam Ulbin (the son) worked for the former owner of their current bakery business location in Brooklyn for a year and a half.  The family leased the building, and eventually bought it to continue making the bakery’s famous breads from scratch, as well as increasing their product line.  All the breads are baked on a “stone hearth” oven system, and the Ulbins rebuilt all equipment including a rotisserie style bread machine, which bakes 10 trays of bread at a time.  The bread is distributed both wholesale, to store’s like Polly’s County Market, and retail through farmers markets like Wayne, Lansing and the Chelsea Farmers Markets.  Each market has a little different spread of breads, featuring what’s most popular at that market.  Some Chelsea Farmers Market favorites include an old fashioned recipe for molasses cookies, as well as the pepperoni and rueben rolls, which took over a month to develop and are unique products from anything else sold in the region.  One of the local restaurants that carries their product, The Grass Lake Diner, bought their breads for their breakfasts, and won the 2nd best breakfast in the state award!  Stone Hearth Breads and Bakery is a family run business, with over 50 types of bread – come say hello to Adam (Sr.) and Cathy at the Chelsea Farmers Market, and Adam (Jr.) at the Bushel Basket Market soon!

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