October 15: Saturday Market Lineup

Greetings All!
Welcome to another great autumn weekend! The farmers are all gear up for the wind down…but not yet! Come visit – a nice full line up this week with some new vendors and your old favs!

Where: Palmer Commons Downtown Chelsea; 304 S. Main St
Time: 8a-1p
When: Saturdays! Each week through the end of October

Musical Entertainment: Our music has finished for the season! We deeply thank our musicians for their talent and commitment to the market space. Until next season!

*The line up for vendors is always subject to change last minute and is just a guideline. Come on down to see for yourself just all the amazing humans that create our space!
-for more detailed information on vendors keep checking the website.

Lunar Coffee Lab – pour overs, lattes, espresso! + beans
R2 – pre order your holiday turkey!
Grateful Soil
Fluffy Bottom Farm
Happy Dozen Bakery
Becky’s Birds and Bees
Bordine Farms – Dahlia’s
Tantre Farm
Kapnick Orchards
La Baguette
Chamber Spotlight: back next week
Goetz Family Greenhouses
Smiling Jim’s Low Sodium, Organic Seasonings
Kermit’s Pad
The Roaming Stone
Jacob’s Fresh Farm
Brieland Shoultz Farm
Doug’s Mugs
JT’s Deli
Dexter Folsom (maybe)
Ewen Family Farms – pumpkins!
May We Color
Bristle’s Handmade and Homegrown
The Cookie Lady
Smokey Michigan
The Jam Man
Checkered Flag Chocolates
Jerry Gasche – raspberries (maybe)
Hankra Jewel (maybe)
Dexter Folsom (maybe)

Lynn Eckerle – finished for the season
Pola’s Pastry – finished for the season
Good Neighbor Farm – finished for the season

With love, affection and gratitude,
Emily and Robyn

Thank You to Our Partners

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