Recipe: Greens and Potatoes with Garlic

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Greens and Potatoes with Garlic

A basic Mediterranean quick technique for turning healthy greens into a flavorful and substantial side dish…..sweet potatoes make it even healthierIngredients


1-4 tbsp Extra-virgin olive oil [to diet or to taste]
2-3 medium Baking or sweet potatoes, scrubbed, NOT peeled
1-2 bunches or 1 bag frozen Any green [leafy greens, broccoli, green beans, etc.]  [always wash any fresh vegetables]
to taste Salt & pepper
2-4 cloves Peeled garlic [or to taste]



Boil greens [chopped if needed] in lightly salted water until nearly done to your taste [omit salt if you are on very-low or salt-free diet, but a little salt enhances flavor a great deal]
Bake potatoes in microwave or oven — or boil — until slightly more than done.  Set aside
Drain greens in colander and set aside
While greens boil,  prepare garlic-infused olive oil:
Heat olive oil in thick-bottomed pan over low heat
Cut the peeled garlic cloves into large chunks [only 2-3 chunks per head]
Heat garlic in olive oil, turning and stirring them occasionally, until they are rich golden but not browned
At this point, the oil is very well infused with garlic flavor.  Remove garlic chunks [if you do not want to risk eating a chunk] of else leave them in the oil and warn people to look out for large golden chunks of garlic  —  this is hard to do with the potatoes there too
Add greens to the infused oil over medium heat and toss towell coat the greens
Chop potatoes [with skins on] into bite-size slices or pieces and add to greens, tossing well so that potatoes pick up the remaining oil and juices



  • In this particular recipe, the oil is strongly infused with fresh garlic flavor, so a little oil carries a lot of flavor punch, but some oil is required to pick up the garlic flavor.


  • You may use any oil, but extra-virgin olive oil has much more flavor than others, and has beneficial effects on HDL cholesterol levels in the blood.


  • With heartier-flavored greens such as Swiss chard, green beans, rapini, turnip greens, etc., a chopped tomato or two added to the oil will spread and carry the flavors and provide the potatoes with more juice to soak up.


  • Squeezed fresh lemon juice can also enliven this kind of vegetable preparation.


  • Cook greens to your desired level of doneness, but with more solid greens  [broccoli, green beans, etc.], slightly longer cooking than currently fashionable al dente tastes releases more flavor and helps absorption.


  • In this kind of dish, potatoes that are on the verge of falling apart are better than slightly underdone  —  their function is to absorb flavors and, by beginning to break up, to spread  and attach them into the greens.

Serves 4-6Total time:  10-20 minutes

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